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To learn more about the iDirect Private Markets Fund:

I am a Current Investor

(e.g., Individual Investor, Trust, Organization)

Call Shareholder Services at 877-562-1686 option 1 or contact your financial advisor.

I am a Financial Professional

(e.g., RIA, Broker-Dealer)


The iDirect Private Markets Fund is available to Accredited Investors. Based on accredited investor eligibility as defined by rule 501(a) of Regulation D under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Generally, individuals with net worth of $1 million (excluding primary residence); entities with $5 million in total assets.

All information provided to us will be held in accordance with our PRIVACY POLICY.

Prospective Investors:

If you are interested in investing in the iDirect Private Markets Fund, we encourage you to contact your financial advisor to determine if the Fund is a suitable investment for you.